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Ep 43: How to Show Up As a Leader In Every Aspect Of Your Life with Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson

May 25, 2021 Shannon Foreman Season 1 Episode 43
Forethought Planning Podcast
Ep 43: How to Show Up As a Leader In Every Aspect Of Your Life with Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson
Show Notes

In this episode of the motherhood series on the Thrive For[e]ward Podcast, I wanted to be able to honor those mamas who really love being able to achieve in the workplace and not necessarily running their own business, but working in an element of corporate America, whether it be for a big business or a small business, but you are working on a team and working to achieve things.

However, that doesn't mean that you aren't striving really hard to grow in the other areas of your life.
And maybe you questioning where you are. Maybe you feel lost between all of the responsibilities and the titles that you carry, and what it is you really want.

What is it you really want?

That doesn't necessarily mean changing careers or changing job positions.

It's really just digging into who we are.

And I am pleased to have Nicole Fredricks Jackson, an attorney, and life and career coach.

How do you bring those two together?

Sometimes I wonder that with Nicole, but you can see how the two hearts of her world are combined.

A demanding career leads her to look inside and determine what she really wanted to do. How was she prioritizing herself? It's that age-old saying of putting your oxygen mask on first.

As moms, we have the capacity to feel like we are last on the list and everything else has taken up that space.

So how do we put ourselves first?

That's exactly where Nicole and I are going to dig into this conversation, especially for professional women who have high-powered positions and moving up.
And even those individuals who are working three jobs and just trying to stay afloat. This is for you too.

I hope that you will listen and learn a couple of key takeaways to put yourself first because mama, you are so worth it.

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