Forethought Planning Podcast

Episode 13 - How recognizing & sharing your story creates community & connection with Lisa Harris

November 03, 2020 Shannon Foreman Season 1 Episode 13
Forethought Planning Podcast
Episode 13 - How recognizing & sharing your story creates community & connection with Lisa Harris
Show Notes

Have you heard that we live in times unprecedented times lately? 

This is a common phrased used. In conversation today with our podcast guest Lisa Harris, we discuss how this might be changed with sharing more of our story and listening to others. We have had so much change this year {I don't think we need to tell you that} and impacted us in such personal ways that are valid for each of us. 

We talk about the topics of working from home, running a business, creating community, and making space for others. We may feel like we all are a part physically however, how Lisa brings people together literally helps women unveil their stories bringing us even closer together. As she talks about, how we reclaiming our POWER. 

Tune in and be inspired and find our how recognizing, writing, and sharing your story may empower you to the next level. How this may bring us together closer rather than tear us apart.

Lisa Harris is an author, storyteller, poet, narrative coach and the CEO and founder of Lisa Harris & Co. Before entrepreneurship, Lisa spent +18 years in executive leadership roles working for and with Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized brands. This year marks Lisa's 4th year producing Unveiled Beauty storytelling events, coaching and speaking. 

Lisa Harris & Co. is a personal development company that connects, guides and transforms women's lives through the power of storytelling. Our goal is to provide tools and experiences for growth-oriented women to lead empowered lives by shifting their narratives, giving voice to their stories, and building heart connections. We deliver on this by offering narrative coaching programs, storytelling leadership training, inspirational events, and community and creative projects that touch the hearts of every woman who walks in our path. 

Now, more than ever, it is important for women to find peace in their journeys and build meaningful connections with each other. Sharing our stories opens up space for inner growth and becomes a message of inspiration and hope for those around us. Lisa talks about the power of storytelling and why you should be using this time for deep reflection, writing and sharing. 


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