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Ep 100: My Favorite Moments as We Celebrate Episode 100

July 26, 2022 Shannon Foreman
Forethought Planning Podcast
Ep 100: My Favorite Moments as We Celebrate Episode 100
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I can't believe the time has come. We are celebrating our 100th episode of The Thrive For[e]ward podcast! 

Today I highlight some of my absolute favorite episodes going all the way back to episode 1. 

We'll talk about guests that inspired me to the point I just achieved a personal goal! And episodes that should give you hope for the future -- hope in our children and hope in the economic power of women. 

So if you'll do me the honor and share this with your friends, I'd appreciate it! 

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Women's Foundation of Minnesota

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I can't believe the time has come. The celebration is here back Hang on a second. We are celebrating. Those are my pom poms for those of you that are listening can take the cheerleader out of the girl, but you can take the girl out of the cheerleading, we are celebrating our 100th episode of The Thrive Forward podcast. Please tune in to today's episodes as I highlight some of my absolute favorites. If you can do me an honor, share this with your friends on your social media tag us, we would love for you to share what we're doing at Thrive Forward with forethought, planning and putting together educational resources for you for free on our platform. So let's go back in time and look at the last 100 episodes of the Thrive Forward podcast.

Well, friends, our first podcast episode aired August 26, of 2020. And it is now July of 2021. That being said, we have covered a variety of topics ranging from personal to professional, abstract to complex financial topics, we've sat down with countless leaders across many fields, all together, demonstrating the reality that money touches every aspect of your life. So we're gonna take a little trip down memory lane. And if you haven't listened to these podcasts, these are just a few of some of my favorites. Now, it's hard to pick out of 100 though, if I'm being completely honest, it's episode one, where we kick it all off, I'd be remiss to not say that in this episode, we truly talk about the mission at for thought, my passion around closing the equity gap, the impacts of that equity gap to our greater community, how we can create change in a positive and sustainable way. Creating this podcast was a way for me to be able to provide accessible resources. For those that may not think about how well I'll just be frank and honest for those white folks who don't necessarily understand the impacts of other cultures have brown and black folks that might be affected from a financial standpoint or have subscribed to frankly, messages that might not be serving or truly educational, and understanding ultimately how we can all make a difference in that area. And then we we transition to my my my episode and we talk about behaviors throughout several different episodes on the podcast. And one of them being my favorite episode with Dr. Alex, where we talk about how money especially touches your marriages. This is episode 37. So we all come from different money stories, different backgrounds, if you've listened to and subscribe to the podcast, you know that I say that often. Understanding these serve these stories that both our partner and ourselves bring to our you know, our our larger table as a couple is really building that healthy relationship with money and your marriage. Since so many marriages end in divorce 50% Approximately, and a lot of those leading causes have some sort of financial background around them. Dr. Alex outlined for us the most common financial personality types with being family centered that he and I talked about, then breaking it down to independent delegator. Someone who might be in Cognito, a competitor, someone who appreciates prestige, someone who's the acquisition or wants to get more assets, the risk taker the trendsetter. Once you truly understand who it is that you are from those financial standpoints, then it makes it a lot easier for us to have those conversations with our partner understanding who they are, and then how can those meld together right.

Some of the other aspects that I love being able to talk about again, is how money touches all aspects of our lives. One of our great episodes that people love listening to and a lot of it has to do with the guests that I had on now. was JC lippold, a dear friend of mine, one who has the power of creating amazing community, he and I talk about how your mind, your body and your spirit all correlate together. And JC and I often talk about how money touches those aspects. And for some of us, they get ignored. And for some of us, they can be blocks for us being able to move forward. And some of them allow us to heal and thrive. JC shared with us also his personal story of being able to shift his own narrative and live in his own personal power. Being able to to turn those I am not into IBM's since JC and I recorded that episode JC and I always used to joke that I'm not a runner. And he used to always tell me no, Shannon, you are a runner. And since then, I would like to proudly say I have ran my first 5k race. And I run on a regular basis now. And I actually do kind of love the challenge of it. So it is that power of turning those words into I am not into I m. I challenge that with every ending of our episodes of our podcast now, saying You are worthy of wealth, being able to translate that for yourself and say, I am worthy of wealth. I be serviced not to talk about episode 62 through 65 episodes, I believe 816 and 90, which all are around the heart of what I love from an investment strategy, which is invest sustainable investing, breaking down the different elements of what sustainable investing is. environmental, social, and governance, understanding how we can invest with the things that are important to us, whether that be diversity and inclusion, pay, equity, climate change, leadership and transparency around that leadership. What is happening from a leadership trickle down how our staff being held accountable, what does that diversity actually look like at executive letter levels? How are we impacting our planet not beat not just climate change, but our carbon imprint? And how are we being innovative in all of those processes. So we talk a lot about that in an episode 62 through 65 816, at 90 on the podcast, and you'll know that it's something that I'm very passionate about. And if you have a passion for making sure that our world is a better place for everyone. Then put your money where your mouth is my friend and start researching sustainable investing by listening to those podcasts and then scheduling your wealth assessment with us so we can move that envelope forward for yourself. I also really loved having my kids on the episode of Thrive Forward being able to talk to them about money. My children are my everything. They they listen to me, and sometimes they don't listen to me and having them on the podcast was a joy in being able to think about, wow, what are they really listening to. But at the end of the day, after that podcast, I went out and was able to speak to my daughter's class around money. And don't underestimate our kids. When it comes to finances, money, wealth, investments, savings, spending all that stuff. They definitely understand it. In fact, I was walking in our neighborhood the other day, there was a lemonade stand. And of course, my first question after I paid the little guy for his lemonade. I said, How are you going to save, spend, give or invest this money said this form and I'm going to save this money. And he proudly said it and I'm just so proud of our youth, and what they actually truly have the capacity to be able to take on from an educational standpoint, don't underestimate those kids. The other pieces that I really loved being able to talk about there was an episode that I did on

on financial behaviors with my dear friend Nate staining. He and I have known each other basically my entire career. And we talked about how important behaviors were that's episode three. On episode six. I actually had one of my best girlfriends and other boss lady business women on to talk about removing toxicity from our lives, being able to separate that and so much of our culture is bombarded on us. I mean, we open our cell phones in the morning and we might have text messages, emails, alerts from social media that tell us what we should be doing with our lives. How do we remove expectations of others toxics pieces of our lives to be able to truly thrive in a way that we want to? That was episode six with my dear friend, Giselle, you guardi. And then Giselle comes back in October, when we did our live broadcast of our podcast, and she flips the script on me, and interviews me as well. I think that those are just opposite awesome episodes to get to know myself get to know her a little bit further, and how to truly free yourself remove those levels of toxicity in your life, I think we can all benefit from a good cleansing in that area. Episode 81, we talk about how to have conversations with your partner and money. Again, talking about how to avoid those issues within your marriage. I would say another piece of my life. So we talk about sustainable investing a lot on the podcast, we talk about behavioral finance on the podcast, we also talk a lot about elements of caregiving and the impacts, especially of being a caregiver. And for me that hits very close to home, especially episode 83. We talk about what do you do when senior care becomes your level of responsibility and introducing you to the sandwich generation which I have actually happened to be a double stuffed sandwich generation, which means I'm taking care of my kids, my parents and my grandparents? And how do you do that? How do you still take care of yourself? What are some financial things that you need to understand in those capacities. Again, that's episode 83. And then, in one of our latest episodes, Episode 93, we talk about where motherhood and wealth intersect. Women truly have the power to change our trajectory and where we are going with the future of wealth in the next decade. 30 trillion assets will transition from the hands of managing and make decision making being done by men, to the hands of women, we literally are going to be able to change what that might look like. And the topics of what we discussed on the Thrive Forward podcast are support supporting women like you, who are making these empowered decisions to be able to transform not only your life, but the lives of your family and the community around you. You can do all of those things, and still be in a space of financial success for yourself. There are different things that you need to do for yourself that are different than anyone else. So go back and binge all 100 episodes of the podcast. Let me think Are there any other episodes that I would have you listened to? Well, yes, there are a few. We didn't talk about some of the very like beginning I would say like the 30s episodes. So episode 39 with my friend from Russell Investments, Sophia and tell Gilbert where her and I talk about again, that kind of transition of wealth from a female ownership standpoint. What are some of the things women should be thinking about? The episode right before that with Brennan, Galvin, Brenna, and I have done a lot of work together in terms of understanding the legacy that you're going to leave behind what's important from an estate planning perspective, special needs, planning, those different types of things. So important for you to understand. And death is not always the most fun topic to talk about, but it is a necessary one. And I will tell you that Brenda and I have a little bit of fun doing it, so it's not as

difficult. We are going to pause in today's episode of The Thrive Forward podcast where we are revealing all of my favorites. And it's hard you guys, it's hard to pick favorites after 100 episodes. However, one of the things that is near and dear to my heart and something that I wanted to do that was different than other firms we're doing is how do we stay connected with our nonprofits? How do we drive true change? And make sure not only are we supporting them from a financial standpoint, we're giving them a voice. We are volunteering, we are approaching change in all aspects of the ways that we can do it. This month nonprofit feature for forethought planning and our women's wild circles is the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, where they are investing in innovation to drive gender and racial equity in Minnesota. They have a vision you all have In a world of equal opportunity where women and girls and all people hold the power to create lead, safe, prosperous lives. Well, if I couldn't think of a organization that was more in line with our mission at forethought, planning, then the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, we are excited to be supporting them this month, not only from the shout out, but also financially mantiene, the donations of our wealth, circle participants. All right, now back to more banter of me, reliving the last 100 episodes of the Thrive Forward podcast. Episode 34, with my friend, Nora McInerny, you can listen to us banter back and forth a little bit at the beginning. And then we get into the good stuff, nor talks about grief and how grief touches other aspects of life. And then, Episode 27, with my friend, Matt Gardner, how can I even not include that my favorite recommendation for kids books around being able to talk to them about money, the for money, bears, he's just such a great person, and he's developing apps for kids to be able to close that gap on financial literacy. He's just an absolutely phenomenal individual. When it comes to being able to talk further with our children around those topics, I think, you know, I think being able to think further into what it is that you all would like to be able to see from us on the podcast in the future would be great. We do a lot of different topics now less on the guest side of things. So when I started out, it was super fun to be able to talk to everyone and and sometimes I do, I still get a little lonely just sitting here and talking to the screen. However, I know that on the other side, there's somebody there listening once it's fully edited by our team. But we are open to understanding topics that would be of interest to you. Again, this is our way of giving back to you all. So feel free to submit those you can submit them on our website, we actually have a money on your mind segment separate than the fry forward podcast. They're little short snippets of questions you all ask us that I answer on Mondays, we do them twice a month, and then we rotate with the podcast as well. We also are looking for other avenues from you all what are you seeking out from a financial standpoint? What resources might you need that we could develop for you? What questions or blocks are you coming up against? Again, this is our way of being able to build a very mission forward change oriented culture within forethought planning. And we are so incredibly grateful to you all our listeners for sticking with us making this past 400th Episode possible and downloading every week. I am going to ask you to continue to share these episodes as we break down that stigma around money and help everyone understand that

they are worthy of wealth. I would be remiss if I did not thank my team, the team has evolved. I started with editing this whole podcast myself. And as our business has grown, I've been able and blessed to have a staff that helps me produce this whole podcast and I want to say a special thank you to each and every one of them. So thank you team for making this possible. I'm so grateful for all of you and the hard work that you put into the ideas behind everything the execution editing, the posting, and getting the word out there. You all are absolutely phenomenal and couldn't do it without you. That being said my friends. Remember always as we continue the next 100 episodes of the Thrive Forward podcast no matter what you are worthy of well. The views expressed here are those of the participants and not those of forethought planning advisors, pide, or LPL. Financial all investing involves risk including loss of principle, no strategy assures success or protects against loss securities are offered through LPL Financial and member of FINRA and SIPC advisory services offered through advisors pride and SEC registered investment advisor LPL Financial Advisors pride forethought planning and the guests of the Thrive Forward podcast are separate and unaffiliated parties